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Climbing Photography Blog

Fontainebleau Bouldering

by Duncan Skelton on April 11, 2012

in news

Fontainebleau bouldering clinic

Its 10 years since I was last bouldering in Fontainebleau. It remains a perfect short break getaway, and an excellent opportunity to road test the van. We met up with the group on the Positive Climbing coaching week and spent a day photographing their experiences. [Read the full article…]

Vito Campervan Conversion

12 September 2011
Vito campervan conversion

Welcome to my Vito camper-van conversion project. After a long time of looking and hankering I’ve finally made it to buying a van. In an ongoing series of posts I’ll be sharing what I learn about DIY van conversions. [Read the full article…]

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Climbing photography tips

22 February 2011
Slate climbing at Vivian Quarry

Looking for top tips to improve your climbing photography? In this article I offer a collection of ideas to lift your climbing photos up a notch, whilst avoiding the bum-shots and decapitated climber photos. These tips tie in advice from the UK’s leading climbing photographers. [Read the full article…]

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Ian Smith Interview

8 February 2011
Portrait of Ian Smith, professional photographer.

In the last of this series of interviews with UK professional climbing photographers we talk to Ian J Smith. Where Tim Glasby started the series by nominating one of Ian’s shots as his most iconic in climbing photography, it seems fitting to finish off by talking to the man himself.

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Mike Hutton Interview

26 January 2011
Mike Hutton climbing photographer

In this penultimate interview of the series we talk to pro’ photographer Mike Hutton about his favourite shots and his hot tips. Based in the Peak District, Mike has been a climber for 20 years and a landscape photographer for 8 years. Over the last 4 years he has combined his love of climbing with photography and now concentrates on photographing climbers all round the world.

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5 Great gritstone climbing photos to shoot from the ground.

12 January 2011
Gritstone ground shot climbing photograph

Great climbing photos draw together a number of different elements such as composition, landscape, weather and lighting. Sometimes the best shots can be taken from the ground and these climbing photos are always worth seeking out. Here are 5 suggestions to get you started.

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Alex Ekins Interview

29 December 2010
Alex Ekins, professional climbing photographer

Next up we meet Alex Ekins. After a 20-year career in rock climbing and mountaineering, Alex began developing his photography and studied photojournalism. He’s been a pro-photographer since 2006 and has developed a sensational client list.

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Alex Messenger Interview

12 December 2010
Alex Messenger, climbing photographer.

We speak to another leading climbing photographer, Alex Messenger, based in Manchester where he works as the editor of the BMC’s Summit magazine – and is often out in the nearby Peak District stalking climbers.

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Tim Glasby, Climbing Photographer

24 November 2010
Tim Glasby, climbing photographer.

Starting a new series of interviews with pro-photographers we talk to Tim Glasby. Tim an adventure and lifestyle photographer, is widely travelled and has worked on assignment for many of the best names in the industry. You’ll be hard pressed to find a climbing magazine that doesn’t regularly carry Tim’s work. He blogs and tweets regularly, and is a thoroughly nice bloke.

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Climbing Photography with the Professionals

24 November 2010
Climbing photographer at work

Over the coming weeks I’ll be publishing short interviews with some of the UK’s most successful and most active climbing photographers. I’m asking them whose photography inspires them, discovering their highs and low’s and what advice they’d offer to budding climbing photographers.

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Yosemite El Capitan

29 October 2010
Yosemite El Capitan

Yosemite’s El Capitan now features in the image library providing our first aid climbing content. We have images of the classic trade routes of The Nose, Zodiac, Tangerine Trip, Mescalito and Salathe Wall and stunning Valley landscapes.

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Dramatic rescue on The Nose of El Capitan

18 September 2010
Yosemite search and rescue attend injured climber on El Cap

While taking photos in El Cap meadow today we heard the cry of a climber on The Nose taking a fall and clearly getting hurt. Within minutes an emergency call was out and the Yosemite Search and Rescue team moved into action. Over the next few hours we watched YOSAR work the scene, culminating with a dramatic helicopter rescue of the injured climber.

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Cerebral palsy climber summits El Capitan

17 September 2010
Steve Wampler climbs El Capitan

Steve Wampler today made history as the first cerebral palsy sufferer to climb El Capitan in Yosemite National Park. He topped out early evening on the Zodiac route, graded A2 5.7, after spending 6 days with his team ascending the 1800′ route.

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ROCKFAX West Country Climbs Guidebook Published

28 July 2010
West Country Climbs front cover

West Country Climbs is hot off the press and is the fattest guidebook to come from Rockfax so far. Offwidth Images are very proud to have contributed climbing photography for this latest volume, continuing our association with the them. We’re especially proud to be the first double-page spread you see, and the closing atmospheric shot at Sennen to complete the book.

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Front cover: Brant Magazine (Sweden)

4 June 2010
Brant magazine front cover

Offwidth Images has supplied the front cover photo to the Summer 2010 issue of Brant Magazine along with more images illustrating their feature article on climbing in the Peak District.

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Library update: Millstone Edge images added.

22 May 2010
Rock climbing at Millstone Edge

We’ve added more images from Millstone Edge to our content. See them all on our search page.

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Demystifying DAM : An Introduction to Digital Asset Management and Digital Workflow

16 May 2010
Introduction to Digital Asset Management

This is an introduction to the topics of Digital Asset Management (DAM) and Digital Workflow. If you feel that you don’t understand what they are and worry that you need to, then this is for you.

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5 Essential Bits of Equipment for Climbing Photography

1 September 2009
Climbing Photography Equipment

Climbing photography combines two notoriously equipment-fuelled pursuits and forms a dangerous coupling for the gear freak within. So when you’re carrying your toolkit on your back you need to know that everything you pack delivers genuine utility. With so much equipment out there this can be a process of trial and error, but there is something deeply satisfying in finding a piece of kit that works well. Form-for-function and all that. So here are my top 5 essential pieces of equipment for climbing photography…

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The Frustrations of Climbing Photography: Missing the Light

14 July 2009
The view from Stanage Edge

Climbing photography has many frustrations. Perhaps my biggest is having the light suddenly crap out just as the climber gets into position. It happened to me again recently on my first visit to Bamford Edge where I could literally see it coming.

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Front cover: ROCKFAX Northern England Guide

10 February 2008
Front cover of Rockfax North England guidebook

Offwidth Images has supplied the front cover photo to the new ROCKFAX Northern England guidebook, our second front cover of the year. The book is available from the ROCKFAX website.

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