Digital Photography Workflow

As a digital photographer your workflow efficiency directly affects how and where you invest your time, and ultimately impacts your profitability. A well considered photography workflow will allow you to spend less time in front of the computer and more time on your business. Critically, a good workflow will ensure that your digital assets are safe.

Digital Asset Managemet

Digtial Asset Management (DAM) is a set of principles that guide how you create, collect, process, store and output your images. A strong workflow will embody more of these DAM principles than a weak one. By making small targeted changes and investments over time you can transform a weak workflow into one that works for you and for your business.

We recognise the importance of designing solutions that work for the individual and are sensitive to different factors such as size, scalability, training, affordability and existing frameworks.

We can work with you to help improve or refine any aspect of your digital photography workflow and digital asset management:

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Demystifying DAM:
An introduction to digital asset management
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