Stock Climbing Photos

All our images are available as stock climbing photos for editorial & commercial use under license.

The cost of our stock climbing photography to commercial clients is negotiable, depending on the intended use and budget. We appreciate that our clients have different budgets and different rates for climbing photography, and we are always keen to find ways to deliver value.
Please contact us directly, or send your lightbox so we can provide a quote.

To help you find the right stock climbing photos for your needs we provide a rich search capability. Instructions on how to search our photo library are on the 'How to Search' page.

Individual images shown on this site are typically from climbing sequences, thus we have more images in our offline photo library.
If you don't find the stock climbing photographs you need please get in touch since we may still be able to help.

Delivery format

Our images are high-resolution digital files and are delivered as either high quality JPEGs or uncompressed TIFFs.
Climbing photos are delivered using email, uploaded to your FTP site, shared via the cloud and sharing services, or mailed on CD/DVD disc.


All the images on this website contain IPTC core metadata fields. This means all our images have embedded tags such as description, caption, copyright information, rights usage and are available in the image file itself.